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A single, strong brand


The Hurks brand stands for a proactive, financially sound, reliable partner. To clearly highlight the power of our combined companies, we communicate under one brand name: Hurks. Our specialisations embrace all aspects of our field of operations. Yet they are not operating companies in the traditional sense of a legal structure. This creates clarity in our communications and a firm position in the market.

The many faces of Hurks

Hurks has many faces but each of them thinks and acts in its own way. Which is a good thing. But no matter how many companies, services, products and people Hurks consists of, we are always linked to each other. We're a family. We work together with each other and for each other. We act independently and set our own course. And that means hands on and close to the action. But it also means that we always base our work on a constructive, transparent approach. To each other, to our clients and also to our partners. Unity in diversity is what makes Hurks so special. We have many faces, but we're always Hurks.


Our core values are: one family, independent and constructive. These values sum up what Hurks is all about. They are closely linked to our brand values: loyalty, choice and fulfilment.

  • One family in relation to loyalty¬†

We work together. With each other and for each other. We're open and accessible. Within each operating company, for every joint venture, in and between our OpCos, but also in relation to our partners and clients. When you tackle things together, you can deliver the goods. Hurks is loyal to you and to each other. Equality is our watchword.

  • Independent in relation to choice¬†

We set our own course. We're hands on and close to the action, with short decision lines. If we believe in it, we go for it. And we make our own choices. Can it be done better, or smarter, or differently? It's not that we want to show off; we just want to come up with the best solutions for our clients. That means seeing opportunities and using them. We're not afraid of wandering off the beaten path and we're always open to innovation.

  • Constructive in relation to fulfilment

Building is a lot more than just stacking bricks. For us, building is about realising dreams and ambitions. Those of our clients, our employees and the whole organisation. We focus on results. We say what we're going to do and we do what we say. That's how we fulfil the trust that you put in us. Our work has a major impact on the world around us, which is why we take a responsible approach to people, planet and power.