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A full range of building materials


As well as offering a full range of wood and building materials, our building supplies wholesalers Bouwcenter Centen (Wanroij) en Bouwcenter Van Hoppe (Eersel) also supply kitchens, tiles, plumbing fixtures and professional tools. We supply all your building and dismantling materials.

Expert advice, competitive prices, fast delivery

For professionals too

We’re also there for the professional builder, and we supply only “A” brands. That means secure building. Our employees speak the language of the building world and will be happy to assist you in any way - also when it comes to the exterior of the building. You and your clients can browse around our showroom at your leisure to choose the right façade bricks, façade cladding or tiles.



Our Bouwcenters offer fast delivery, competitive prices and problem-free service. Order today for delivery tomorrow or the day after. We also deliver to sites in the Netherlands with 48 hours.

"A" brands only