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Fast transformations


Building, renovating and refurbishing shops, restaurants, offices, warehouses and showrooms requires specific expertise. Such undertakings often involve a wide range of activities in a short time frame. Hurks retail realises small to very large renovations and new-build projects - from the design phase to after-care - in the food and non-food sectors throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.


Our approach is characterised by short start and construction times, and a high level of flexibility during the construction process - in terms of shell construction as well as finishing. This can involve activities at a single location or at more than a dozen locations - belonging to e.g. a retail chain - based on the same successful formula. Such processes are an ideal opportunity to show what sets us apart from our competitors, by way of effective solutions and excellent communication with all stakeholders.

 Many years of experience

Thanks to many years of experience, we have been able to add many renowned names to our customer portfolio - from major chains to modern family businesses. 

Solution-oriented and effective communication

Shops / showrooms

The Hurks retail team, which specialises in retail transformations, is dynamic, flexible and fast, and is able to offer work of very high quality. Whether it involves structural modifications, complete renovations and/or a whole spectrum of installations, everything is coordinated from a single location. This means clients always have one point of contact and complete peace of mind. 


Creative, committed, competitive and passionate - nothing gets people's senses and emotions more going than dining at a restaurant. And this is allows Hurks retail to showcase its abilities by creating a genuine experience. This is achieved by realising the very best results for the shell as well as the finishing. And this attention extends to the finest details. 


Efficient, no-nonsense, streamlined and supportive - all these factors are taken into account when designing environments where work can be carried out effectively. Whether it involves presenting ideas about the design, or offering advice and implementing structural modifications, the Hurks retail team is perfectly placed to respond to the strict quality-related requirements set by customers. 

Non-residential construction

Reliable, high quality, hands-on and well organised. Business premises have a long life-span, which is determined by what takes place during the construction process. Warehouses, office buildings and small meeting centres can vary from 100 m2 to 50,000 m2; but the engineers at Hurks retail possess all the experience and special know-how needed during non-residential construction projects This ranges from effective preparation to timely execution and completion.

No-nonsense, streamlined and supportive