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Bringing competencies together

Integral working

Building projects are becoming ever more complex. In order to complete them well, and at an affordable price, chain integration is indispensable. And that goes a lot further than just working together.

No traditional division of tasks

At Hurks, we don't adhere to a traditional division of tasks. We bring all the necessary competencies together, at all levels, in order to respond to the client's demand as effectively as possible.

Close collaboration from the start

An integral approach not only leads to more efficient preparation and implementation, but also creates space for creativity and innovation. Collaborating closely from the start results in innovative solutions, which in turn lead straight to added value for the client and the end-user.

Combining specialisms

Hurks' integral working combines the specialised know-how and skills of the operating companies in the fields of:

  • construction technology
  • project management
  • maintenance and operation¬†
  • building and process innovation ¬†

We integrate specialised know-how and skills at all levels