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New city centre development plan places Valkenburg back on the tourism map 

Aan de Kei, Valkenburg

Hurks disciplines involved:
real-estate development

Aan de Kei: literally and figuratively an investment in the future

Valkenburg aan de Geul is located within the hilly landscape of Zuid-Limburg. It is a friendly little city with a rich history of tourism, which dates back 125 years. But as is often the case with popular destinations, some past glories are now almost unrecognisable, which can partly be attributed to the fading appeal of the outdated city centre. So it was time for a new impetus, which was kick-started by the municipality of Valkenburg and Hurks - as developer, constructor and investor - in 2013 via the ‘Aan de Kei’ City centre development plan.


The ‘Aan de Kei’ city centre development plan is a project which combines living, shopping, relaxation and parking. It is thus able to meet the needs of visitors as well as residents. Because, besides a wide range of facilities for daily produce, the 5,100 m2 shopping area also offers many shops and boutiques aimed at fun shopping and leisure. When added to the generous hospitality options, the area offers everything needed for a lovely day out. 50 spacious apartments will be built in two storeys above the shops. There will be an underground car park underneath, which also has two storeys and space for 361 cars. A roof garden will be incorporated between the apartments, which can be accessed from the street via a staircase. 

Characteristic architecture

Construction work on the ‘Aan de Kei’ project brought an end to a long period of planning. The solutions were designed by Hurks real-estate development in collaboration with Antwerp-based AWG architects, and resulted in a tasteful design which seamlessly flows into Valkenburg's characteristic architecture and appearance. The city is dominated by marlstone façades, and this factor had to be taken into account in the ‘Aan de Kei’ City centre plan. Because marlstone is scarce and delicate, this resulted in a contemporary and lasting interpretation inspired by the stone's natural properties. In addition, the layout of the new city centre plan - with its lower, middle and top sections - is also compatible with Valkenburg's surroundings, which are renowned for their contrasting contours. 

A lasting solution inspired by delicate marlstone

Open sector

Hurks acted as investor, developer and constructor in this project because this was a requirement imposed by the municipality of Valkenburg. In the meantime, Hurks has sold the shops and twenty apartments to the Ruijters Groep (Pecu Beleggingsmaatschappij), whereby it acquired the whole shopping centre and 20 of the 53 apartments. These apartments are being let in the open sector.


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