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Anticipating the next life

FrieslandCampina Innovation Centre, Wageningen

Hurks disciplines involved:
real-estate development 
integral working 
delphi engineering 
precast concrete
façade technology

A focus on flexibility and leasability in the life cycle of the complex

How do you facilitate the ambition of being the most professional, innovative dairy company of 2020? Hurks has thoroughly familiarised itself with FrieslandCampina in order to develop and build its Innovation Centre on the campus of Wageningen University.

Be sensitive to the dairy innovation process

Finding the balance between the basic facilities of a standard building and incorporating specific R&D features was a challenge that Hurks was glad to take on with all parties involved. In this design, build, finance and maintenance assignment, the focus was squarely on openness and entrepreneurship.

Respecting each other's interests

19,785 m2 gross floor area

While respecting each other's interests, we created a working environment for 400 R&D employees on 19,785 m2 of gross floor area:

  • 4,600 m2 laboratories and rooms for taste testing
  • 2,400 m2 techno-hall (testing factory)
  • 3,800 m2 facility rooms
  • 7,100 m2 offices
  • 1,885 m2 other

In the experience centre, the innovation kitchen and testing bakery, visitors and staff from all over the world can sample, smell and feel products.

Heat and cold storage, biogas and climate-control system 

The complex features innovative energy concepts including heat and cold storage, photovoltaic cells and a sustainable climate-control system. Sustainable energy is also generated from biogas from affiliated dairy farms by means of a certificates system. Developing and building the Innovation Centre earned us the performance level Very Good from Breaam, the most important and most used sustainability label for buildings in the world.

Read our Breeam casestudy of FrieslandCampina Innovation Centre.

Energy performance level ‘Very Good’ ???