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650 square metres per day

Jeroen Bosch hospital,

Hurks disciplines involved:
delphi engineering 
precast concrete

Co-ordinating all construction work for the Jeroen Bosch hospital

Building the biggest non-university hospital in the Netherlands called for perfect logistical planning and co-ordination with all parties – particularly with installers. So, as always, co-ordinating implementation meant constantly thinking ahead.

10 floors in 1 year

In the shell stage, we hit a building speed of more than 650 m² of floor area per day, which translates into 10 floors in 1 year. The concrete sandwich elements supplied by Hurks precast concrete made a huge contribution to this fast rate. The elements were supplied ready to use with façade masonry, frames, glazing and sunshades. This meant that we could build without scaffolding and start with completion quickly.

A pleasant temperature all the year round

The Jeroen Bosch hospital is one of the most energy-efficient buildings of its kind, employing heat-cold storage in the ground, low-temperature heating, structural heat recovery through thermal wheels, and an advanced building management system. Radiant ceiling systems guarantee a pleasant temperature in every sort of weather.

The project consisted of:

  • Building the new hospital, rehabilitation centre, centre for mental health and chapel: 123,000 m²
  • Renovation of former Willem-Alexander hospital: 17,000 m² 
  • Building new staff parking garage: 33,000 m² (1,040 parking spaces)

Co-ordinating implementation means constantly thinking ahead

One of the most energy-efficient buildings of its kind