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Pure brick

Pure Brick is an almost seamless precast brick façade solution in which craftsmanship, constant quality and speed of building are guaranteed. And Pure Brick also makes it possible to create special optical effects. The designer can play with the lines in the brickwork and therefore create – and actually achieve - a unique façade.

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Da Vinci Huis

In Da Vinci House, Hurks has combined its years of experience in developing and building homes. Da Vinci House results in tailor-made homes that are built using an innovative process that focuses on a high level of efficiency in designing, building and organising. This allows us to guarantee high quality at the lowest price.

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Prefab apartment concept

Hurks new prefab apartment concept meets the growing demand for flexible, affordable and sustainable housing and is the perfect solution for both replacement and new construction projects. Standardisation reduces the construction times required by traditional construction methods by 40 to 50%. The concept allows maximum architectural freedom and adheres to the principle of sustainability at a price level lower than that of rival construction methods.

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